Thursday, December 02, 2004

I was approached to possibly do some Beatles caricature illustrations (early 60s versions) by a possible client about a month ago, but unfortunately the further we got into the process, the more I realized they just wanted me to mimic another artist's style, one that was quite different from mine (plus, that just feels kinda sleazy anyway). Just found the caricature on my hard drive and decided to share it with you:

Had the opportunity to talk to Will Vinton again, here's a paraphrasing of his thoughts on The Polar Express and why it doesn't work:
When you get to a point where the animation is that realistic, psychologically people are going to be comparing it to live action, because it's closer to that than it is a cartoon. And animation just can't mimic all the subtle nuances that a live actor can. I mean, Tom Hanks is a great actor in real life, but this robs him of a large portion of that.

I agree! Right on, Will.

Look, I drew Popeye in my cartoon journal!

Okay, I'm done pimping my own artwork now. Go read Cartoon Brew if you were looking for insider commentary. ;-)

   - posted by Tyler Sticka @ met Will Vinton? Of Claymation fame?

I HATE YOU. And I mean that in a "I am insanely jealous of you" rather than an actual "I hate you" sorta way. Stupid internet robs me of nuance.

# posted by Blogger Mike : December 2, 2004 at 2:10 PM

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