Friday, November 12, 2004

The Incredibles review

The Incredibles is, in a word... FANTASTIC. The movie isn't just a great Pixar film... it's a great film, period. It is unquestionably the most ambitious CGI project I've ever watched, and well worth the $9.00 ticket price (which I can't say for, say, Shark Tale, and I suspect not for The Polar Express, though I reluctantly reserve judgement for when I see the flick).

I don't want to spoil this for anybody because you truly WILL be surprised by this movie. It's got action that rivals, and in some cases TRUMPS those of "serious" superhero flicks. The comedy is executed with pinpoint accuracy. What I love about the humor in this film is that it's difficult humor. What I mean by that is this: the easiest type of humor you can create as a cartoonist is a fart joke. The hardest is something that utilizes virtually NO shock value, but actually makes you laugh. It's an incredibly hard thing to do, and this movie is one of the best executions of it I've seen.

The animation is something your jaw will DROP over. Forget the ultrarealistic-yet-animatronic-looking "realism" of Polar Express and Final Fantasy. The character designs are amazingly and beautifully stylized, yet you RELATE with them... they have so much life in them, as is expected from Pixar in this point. I was slightly skeptical because of previous attempts at CGI humans... but you aren't even thinking about the CGI here. It's just an example of Pixar's amazing design work, and I applaud it.

I challenge you to make a list of the hardest things to animate with CGI. Then, count how many times each of those things appear in this film. It's wonderful, practically miraculous.

I left the theater feeling absolutely high from this film. It's absolutely everything I've ever wanted from an animated film. I'd say so much more about it if it were as well-established and watched as, say, Toy Story 2, but in summary, I'll just give this:

"Bounding" - The preliminary short, VERY reminiscent of old school cartoons and a treat for any animation fan.

The Feature - One of the most draw-dropping examples of what animation is capable of I've ever witnessed.

Credits Sequence - A rare look at Pixar's 2D design sensibilities, and worthy of me sitting in my seat for the entire duration.

I completely understand your decision if you choose to rent The Polar Express, Shark Tale or Shrek 2 instead of watching it in the theaters... but I URGE you to see this flick on the big screen. You won't be disappointed.

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