Monday, October 18, 2004


The new Spongebob Squarepants movie trailer can now be seen with "Team America: World Police." It looks good, and it's about time that Nikoledeon wised up and stopped making craptacular movies about the Rugrats and the Wild Thorberries.

Because the Rugrats and Wild Thornberries TV shows are both lacking in any redeeming values, from their insipid plots and non-existant jokes to that horrible Clasky-Gapor animation style where everyone's head looks like some sort of rotten, deformed melon.

Just to give credit where credit's due, they were also responsible for Duckman, which was one of the funniest shows of whatever era it was on. Kinda early 90s, wasn't it? Anyway, that's still not enough to make up for the combined horrors of the Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, As Told By Ginger, and The Worst Cartoon in the History of Ever...I mean, Rocket Power.

Everytime I see Rocket Power, I can only assume that some network suit saw the Poochy episode of the Simpsons and didn't realize it was a joke.

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Well, if you watch the VERY first episodes of Rugrats, it had this really cool jerky, wobbly-lined underground look to it. Unfortunately, it got REALLY popular and Klasky-Csupo seemed to prefer a "conveyor belt" approach to animation, making everything very stale and flat and lacking in any personality whatsoever. Every cartoon after "AAAHH! Real Monsters" has been exponentially worse.

A funny thing about Rocket Power was that I suspect the cartoonists actually KNEW what a piece of crap it is, because if you ever watch a few of the episodes they'll stick it little bits of really random characters or dialogue that have nothing to do with the crappy storyline... like some guy wandering around the entire episode yelling "THAT'S THE SPIRIT!" with a thick accent for no apparent reason, or the line "is a fish taco... shaped like a fish?" It's like the cartoonists were so bored to tears they'd just stick in some weird non sequitur things to make themselves laugh.

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