Friday, September 03, 2004

Is Fathers Pride Scarred?

My initial feelings on show Father of the Pride where not very good ones. However, I do realize that the characters and settings still have to set in with the audience so we’ll see. Hell, I wasn’t even really paying much attention to it and I knew exactly what happened plot wise. Even worse, 3 minutes into the show I already knew what was going to happen. I hope the writing gets better for the shows sake. NBC also coined the phrase “Adult Cartoon” several times in their ad campaigns for the show. The closest adult content I saw in the show where some conservative sexual innuendos and a few pieces of schoolyard potty mouth talk (IE: Crap head, Virginity, Intercourse, Damn it and so on). Clearly something a 12 year old with Internet access could very well read everyday in an AOL ‘Christian singles’ chat room. Ironically enough I found the TV commercials for Viagra and KY brand joy jelly to be more adult oriented. Artistically the show seems about average. The network is really milking the whole “First CG animated program to ever air primetime” trump card even though technically ABC aired a sneak preview of their Saturday morning cartoon Reboot in a primetime slot and UPN also aired their short lived CG primetime show GAME OVER . The over all detail in the animation isn’t as good as DreamWorks Theatrical features, which goes without saying. Another thing DreamWorks seems to love is casting celebrities for voice acting. This has always rubbed me the wrong way.
On the brighter side of things I did find a few 1-second blurbs, gags and side characters funny and the show got a few nice laughs out of me over all. What does this mean for the over all future of Father of the Pride? It’s entirely to early to tell. But the ratings seem to be Good

Overall: Give it a few weeks to iron out the characters and story.

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