Monday, August 02, 2004

More Ren and Stimpy news.

I’ve always been a huge John K fan and it’s great how much publicity Ren and Stimpy has been getting lately. A new line of figures and micro busts, brand new episodes due out This month, a full uncut DVD box set of the Spumco episodes, simply a must have for any Ren and Stimpy fan. (In store on Oct. 12, ‘04) and a Hollywood Screening to tribute John Ks work. It’s hard to believe that most people would consider this show as ‘retro’. I’m not very old at all and I remember when they originally aired, along with other John K shows. Then again ‘retro’ has been abused and over used in the entertainment industry ever since I could remember.

Check out the sneak peeks of a few new episodes HERE.

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