Thursday, May 13, 2004

A quick comment in the same vein as James' last post...

So I subjected myself to watching the "FRIENDS" finale a week ago. Why? I guess I'm a bit of a completist, and even if I just sporadically watched a show (usually when nothing else was on and I wanted some background sound), I hate not knowing how the whole thing ended.

But I needn't have watched. No surprises here. Rachel and Ross got together... oh my God! No way! She got off the plane! Yay! ::puke::

There's 2 hours out of my life, gone...

How can cartoon sitcoms (a la The Simpsons and Family Guy) be so much better than live-action ones, yet not have more of a stranglehold on the market? Well, if there even IS a market anymore... I guess television is surrendering more and more of itself to reality TV.

Ooh, there's an idea! An animated reality TV show! It's not like it won't be any more animated and pre-planned than the average reality show is!

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