Sunday, February 22, 2004

It's great to see Animation in the press recently. Infortunetly it's been for all the wrong reasons. The same topics keeps comming up over and over again. Is 2D animation dead? Will 3D animation be the new medium for film on the big screen? What will the future hold for animators? Some people say that 2D animation is going to fade away and later come back as a "retro" look. Others beleave that 3D animation will just over take traditional 2D. That is all false:

Thinking that one form of media is going to kill another form is not to far fetched. It happens all the time in the music industry. But to think that one Style of music is going to kill another is not going to happen. Same situation with Animation. Peoples tastes are different. For example:

Finding Nemo: Go ahead and roll your eyes. Nemo this and Nemo that blah blah blah. the fact remains that This film is a masterpeice no matter who says other wise. a fair story, catchy character development and amazibg visuals. you can tell that they took there damn time with this movie. I've been impressed with Pixars work Since I've seen there Short films. It's obvious that people like this film aswell bevcause It sold a ton of copies when the DVD was released. This is a perfect example of a well made 3D Animated movie. But now people are questioning the integrity and future of hand drawn movies and 2D art in general. Finding Nemo has a totally different feeling then any 2D film I've ever seen.

Final Fantasty the spirit within: Now this is a perfect example of a movie that used 3D animation for ground breaking causes only. I'm not saying this a bad movie. I personally loved this film just as much as Finding Nemo. But look at it through the eyes of an average movie patron. It had a weak story and the character development seemed a little two dry. It did awful at the boxoffice. Infact Squaresoft had to sell it's animation studio inorder to make up for loss of profit from the film. During the early stages of the movie there were several atriticals about how Squaresoft wanted to make the movie look more realistic and how they scraped, rebuilt they're animation software to get that "real actor" feel.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that no matter what the media or style the animation may be it's not going to be any good of a film if it isn't developed correctly. Also as I was saying with Finding Nemo, 3D animation and 2D animation are 2 completely different styles. I couldn't imagen How different Toy Story would have been if they used stylized 2D animation. Hell, Even most of the camera work would have been difficult to do with 2D animation. Lets not forget about the 2D classics like The Lion King and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Those animated films wouldn't have nearly had the same effect if done in 3D. I would like to see more integration of both 2D and 3D. It was tested on Titan AE (poorly I might add). Lion King used it for there famous Wildebeest chase scene. I've recently had the pleasure of watching The Tripplettes of Bellville and I was amazed at the nearly perfect intergration of 2 and 3D animation. It was blended in so well that my friend, whom I saw the movie with, couldn't tell the difference. Invader Zim and Futuramma are also both excellent examples of how you can animate both 2D and 3D togeather.

2D animation to me is the purist and most untapped form of animation. It comes straight from the hands of the creators and takes many people there whole lives to perfect. I find it hard to beleave that 2D animation is leaving the big screan anytime soon.

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